Living Without Passion

by mujerapasionada

It is easy to let yourself drift into a monotonous and miserable path. The main reason is because we begin to lose focus and lose ourselves. We as interactive and social creatures need to be heard and felt, but before we do that we have to come into a deep realization of the self. Taking full control of your self, mind, and actions; and when that fails, making sure to keep yourself accountable. To point the blame at someone else for the mishaps of your life can be irresponsible and self destructive; leaving in the hands the responsibility of your own mental well-being to another source will always be a conscious backtracking decision to make.  The only way to grow in this “reality” is to actively become aware of yourself and becoming in tune to your intuition and intentions. Coming to terms with your wrongs and knowing how to correct it within yourself and moving forward can lead to a path of limitless outcomes (positive of course).

Since there is no set time or place as to which one experiences their journey it is up to each individual to become what they want and what makes them feel purposeful. Finding a passion is simple, humans are naturally very good at many things and better with practice of course, maintaining and continuously working with and from that passion as a key to inspiring new ideas and actions in your life. Although routine can work for most people, others will find that a repetitive cycle of days and hobbies will run them dry and begin a whole new cycle of monotony once again. Learning how to be patient with yourself and not always expecting for things to be as planned will provide a less stressful platform for your days. Remembering that nothing is better in the moment than what feels best, and focusing on that honest and good feeling can take you to places that you forget are what existing is about. We are not meant to dread and engulf ourselves with guilt and satisfying the ego. Giving back and doing what you love will lead to a much happier and steady mental space.

It is obviously easy to read and say these things, another is practicing and leaving it to your consciousness to manifest it’s desires in a positive way each and every day. Practicing mindfulness on a day to day basis such as leaving things unsaid for the benefit of another party, learning to let go, or simply giving kind words to make someone feel like things are not as bad as they may seem. Mental health is and always will be something that drives our bodies to do what it does, if you find you are not getting the best out of your day because your mental health is suffering maybe its time to check in on yourself and figure out what your body is lacking and how you can help it in order for your mind and body to function at its best. Self love starts as a thought and consideration for yourself, it will slowly start to develop more mindful thoughts towards others and a more deeper sense of understanding. Understanding yourself and your needs of course, but also understanding others and their reactions and why what we do can really affect our surroundings.

That being said, I hope that this can be found as an inspirational trigger to get the brain thinking and reevaluating where you stand with yourself. Transparency, love, and understanding will help you find the fiery passion that burns within us all.