To Be A Decent Human

by mujerapasionada

Let it be known that I do not think I should justify my beliefs to anyone, but I do think that you are entitled to learn about an idea that benefits humanity as a whole. Perceiving feminism as a radical idea or “excuse” for women to do what they want is actually discrediting everything it has come to be. Feminism is not for the weak minded; My interpretation of this concept (or movement to be more precise) is an extension of one’s common sense. Even though most of us can see that common sense is not as common as we would prefer it to be, it is nonetheless a mean to equate humanity.

Roughly from the many interpretations that there are, the one common ground I find while reading the different “branches” or ideologies is that it is a progressive concept fighting for not only equal social, economical, political, and personal rights for women but also for all minorities who have/are dealing with oppression. Oppression being the core of belittling and emitting hate towards a group of people; I find that the oppressor never truly believes they are wrong and that further explains why there seems to be a division of people. This is where feminism comes to play and puts to perspective that all living beings have a right to exist so long as they do not cause harm to another. Finding the connection between you and other living creatures and truly believing you are no more or less than them you already practice feminism. Call it as you will, these are the ideologies that have been deeply rooted in conscious and “activist” movements tied with feminism.

I’ve heard and read about how some may not identify with feminism simply because they have “traditional” values; you can do and believe whatever you like as long as your beliefs do not intervene another persons life/RIGHTS. It is quite simple but hard for those who may think that one way is the only way, we must remember there are people and beings of many different walks of life, perspectives and cultures. The idea here is that you can coexist with others and live and let live, respecting the equal rights of all (especially those who are not yet valued). Just because you’d rather be a housewife does NOT mean you cannot be a feminist, just like because you’re a male does NOT mean you cannot be a feminist. I’m just saying that we should stop thinking of this F word as an annoying or trendy. It just shows that you can be a decent human being and others will still oppose.

Yes, feminism is about female empowerment because let’s not get carried away with disassociating our “beauty standards” with what the media portrays, and it’s a bit much for us to accept our HUMAN flaws and better ourselves for ourselves (please take note of my sarcasm). Yes, feminism is about equal rights for the gay and trans community because they are fucking people too and their “labels” do not define what they can or can not do. And yes, feminism is about uniting with POC in all of the times of dispare and injustice done for the simple matter of fact that they are perceived differently in the eyes of others and the “law” because of their looks, language, and even their names. And yes, feminism defends you and your hardships, the wrongs you have dealt because you have also grown in a society that has been built on a patriarchal ideology.

As a self proclaimed feminist, I will not apologize for standing up for what I believe in and why I choose to be the voice of the oppressed.