You Belong Here

by mujerapasionada

As late as this is, at least it is here. Instead of talking about how I passed my holidays and how insignificant “New Years” is to me because time is just a man made concept that I don’t fret over; I’ll say my mind kept scraping the names that will not be able to see the ‘new year’. I feel as though each year that goes by I become more and more aware of my existence and why I am here, slowly experiencing my purpose. I am bringing in this year with a much more positive mindset and open mind. By now I have learned that too much planning will only bring disappointments and unmet “goals”. Instead I have a broad idea of what I would like to see in myself and how I can make that happen day to day. That’s how everything should be experienced, day to day. Focus on the small and large details and knowing when to give yourself a break.

Try not to mourn past events and those who are not here, instead live in tribute to those lost, live honestly and share your passions with the world. Life is truly too short to live with regrets and ‘what ifs’. Dedicate yourself to being unapologetic about your rational feelings and rely on the universe accommodate the beings and materials in your life that are meant to, and never force a puzzle piece that does not fit.

And that is all, short and sweet little welcoming of what this year will bring. Bring on the laughs, tears, angry rants, self empowerment, and justice for the voiceless.