“Dangerous Women”

by mujerapasionada

There is absolutely no better satisfaction and peace to a woman who finally realizes her worth and strength. You learn to utilize those qualities as a tool in your favor. It’s realizing that you can manipulate your life accordingly and push yourself to limits you forgot you had. After all, there’s nothing fucking poetic about being submissive to a life that makes you drag yourself around each day; moaning about how miserable you are and yet making yourself that much more miserable with those thoughts in the universe. There is power to taking life day by day not knowing where you will end up but having the courage to leap anyway. I constantly see women, mothers more than anything, struggle to get by in a male dominant society.

It is always those few dangerous ones that thrive, the ones who instill their assertive energy to go over obstacles, the ones who won’t take no for an answer. My heart bleeds for the women who are mentally and physically beaten to the point of surrender. But those are the ones who become dangerous, I see them, picking themselves off the ground ready to fight another fight and face those demons with nothing but grace and serenity. It’s the women who look passed the belittling of other women and choose to see the good in everyone. Working together and empowering one another because they don’t want you to do that. They prefer the woman who shrinks herself for them, they are afraid of the power you have within. And when I say “they” I mean society and the standards set for the “perfect” woman. Why hurt ourselves and each other if we are all perfect already? Perfectly yourself, always working on yourself and the inner peace. Just know you are beautiful, no matter your sexual organs, color of your skin, personal preference, religious practice, the symmetry of your face, or even the numbers on a scale. There is always a much bigger picture that you are helping create, you’ll have to use both dark and light, contrasting just right to make the ultimate masterpiece that is your life.

I think I speak for many women today when I say that I’m tired of double standards and the expectations that are held against us. Whether the damage was done by a significant other, father figure, mother, or strangers everyday, you are not alone. When we grow up in an environment that works against our own will, we cannot thrive. Only when we communicate and stand our ground do we push forward, even if that sometimes means that we must stop all contact with another person. Some are just not destined to be in our path and the universe will manifest that in negativity. You can always make a difference in your life when you have the motivation to. After all, we need that negativity and hurt to differentiate the good and well deserved co-inhabitant. Start at home, work, school, and in social environments, that’s where it begins. The unlearning of prejudice and machismo, the advancing ideals of a generation who lives and let’s live; flourishing through the power of love and empowerment of the oppressed.