Still here

by mujerapasionada

Time and pain is needed to grow, there is a moment in everyone’s life when we make an important transition that directs us down a new path. Mentally, you distance yourself from distractions and pull away from toxic relationships. It will hurt… you start to see what really matters and what has been slowing you down.

You will learn that loving yourself is the most important thing you could do for your mental health. That poisoning your body to feel good is unrealistic. When one begins to be honest with themselves a portal opens. Within this portal you find the true meaning of companionship, how to empathize with others, and witness the many lost souls who are on the same ride that you are on.

Even though it seems as if we may have no control over what happens on a large scale or an impact in the way things are seen, you must remind yourself that your thoughts and feelings are valid. You can make a difference by sharing knowledge and manifesting your actions through love. I strongly believe that it makes all of the difference to be bold and unapologetic, to not let yourself be pushed around on any level. We as humans forget to remain present and conscious of our surroundings, especially now that most of our communication is in a way artificial.

Consciousness like ignorance is a choice now. You can choose to be aware of the impact you make in this universe, no matter how small. You can also choose to cloud your mind and fall the victim to yourself. We are in control of our own circumstances, you just have to be awake to pave the road.

As for the cliché of this post, your past has passed and your future is what will be, but you are you now. I constantly have to tell myself that I am not living in vain and that there is more to experience and fail at and prove. There is always more and you just have to remain true to yourself and to those around you. Cut out the toxic people,  substances, and thoughts. This is your reminder to keep on going.