by mujerapasionada

That’s how I feel. Just jammed, confused, bitter, and slightly frustrated. I constantly feel this way but I don’t feed into it, I just sort of let it be and ignore it as much as possible.
The most difficult times are when I can’t control it and I lash out on the nearest vessel.

Lately I’ve lashed out and I don’t realize how wrong it was for me to do so, having patience takes a lot more energy than I thought. I think it’s even more difficult when there is no one to speak of your worries and frustrations with, you become a balloon full of negativity that can pop at any moment.

A person should not have to test one’s patience, they should be as neutral as possible and move forward. I know even now it’s hard to tell who to trust because you just can’t see who is wearing a mask and who isn’t. Too often the ones wearing masks seem the most inviting and well-rounded and it’s best if you stay away when it seems too good to be true because let’s face it, it usually is. Having hope is one thing, and having false expectations is another. As much as I’d like to say you can do whatever you please, it isn’t always that easy. You have to remember that you have to face everything in a realistic way and still have a positive mind frame. When a situation is aligned well and has a decent path to be followed, go for it, build your path, no one enters their doors the same way; find the way to get to yours and open it with the key of success.

Keep your feet in the soil and your head towards the sun.

Your life is not valued by what you own but what you make of it. It’s nice to have materialistic value, but always expand your inner horizons.

Let’s see how well I can follow my own words, numb through it all. I’ll be dammed if I fall.