by mujerapasionada

I don’t dwell much on my inability to sleep. Instead I think of it as a little extra “me time”.

This is when I can let myself melt into my favorite songs, whether it be a smooth saxophone, a guitar solo, or a soft voice. It gives me time to properly appreciate music. This is when everything else is silent but the sweet notes play on into my ears.

The tune, the process of healing and regenerating myself. I’m able to get lost in a song and just feel each instrument and lyric.

Even if my mind is consumed by dreadful and overpowering thoughts, I still find myself escaping through this rhythm.

I suppose this is just one of those “mind over matter” type of things, instead of dreading all the things I need to do the next day, I remind myself to breathe and let things flow.
I’ll eventually fall asleep and I’ll take on the next day with a better way of viewing my surroundings and have the inspiration I collected from my sleepless “me time”.