by mujerapasionada

The word that explains everything and nothing at all. Everything is ambiguous which can directly translate as “everything is a mystery”, something with unattained information; unclear. Living in a mystery, yet still able to understand concepts, and breathe.

If the mystery of life is solved by death, the mystery of love is solved by heartbreak.
You may ask “why the answers are the opposite?”, but when you process it, you realize that we only stop figuring these things out once they cease. Your heart is broken, love is what caused it, but why is your heart broken? You can probably go through a variety of flashbacks and notice that love is a mystery that can only be solved by the end of it, whether it picks up again or not.
I couldn’t really tell you about death, since I am still here. But everyone is seeking their own answers to their life’s mystery, why are we here? What should I do? Yet you are so busy trying to figure it out that it passes by and when death comes, it’s like a slap in the face. And here is when love and life are very similar, you must appreciate it while you have it.

An infinite mystery is the soul, the thing that drives us and seems as though it’s been through many lives. It just makes you wonder why you feel things on a deeper level, and how sometimes your soul intwines with another without an exact explanation.

I’ve fallen in love with unsolvable mysteries.