Oh, humanity, where’d you go? Have you ever existed?

by mujerapasionada

It has occurred to me that there are too many misunderstandings and not enough humanity. Why must we pertain to a certain group? Why should we feel the need to point out insignificant flaws in others?

Too many times I have heard people making fun of the way someone speaks or expresses themselves and I just can’t bring myself to understand it. Is it because they want to feel like their way is the only way to be? Or do people just enjoy emotionally damaging others? Maybe it’s not their intention to damage but instead make a joke. Which to me isn’t that funny.

I suppose it all lies within personal interests and humor. It is okay to not take everything serious and it is okay to take things very seriously, everyone’s different. They are most comfortable in the way they choose to express themselves. That way no one can really criticize the comfort of someone else.

Some people can sleep through a storm and others are awakened at the slightest sound. My point is that everyone has their limits and until we really know what they are we should not push buttons.

I’ve had quite enough of the “unintended” bullying, whether it be directly at me or me having to witness it. It’s definitely something people shouldn’t encourage or let happen. I’m not just saying this, I find this very troubling and thought it was appropriate to address.

No matter how much people like to think they are grown up or “mature” it still happens, people’s feelings are thrown in the air and there doesn’t seem to be an age limit for it.

I completely understand if it is someone you are dearly close to but words and names do hurt. I’m sure more than physical at times. So, it would be fucking awesome if everyone as a whole started taking into consideration others’ feelings. No matter their background, physical features, gender, sexual preferences, personality, or little habits. Everyone is unique and should be accepted as a human.

Hate to sound repetitive but I thought it should be put out there. It’s fine, we are humans, we have cynical and negative thoughts about others. You know what you do instead of letting it go? Swallow it. Don’t let it get out, forget about it, overlook it and you’ll notice what a difference it makes in you and the way you begin to see others.

Letting it happen is also being on the side of the oppressor. Don’t let it happen.