Reflections of Myself and You

by mujerapasionada

As much as anyone would like to think that being and doing things on their own is the best way to be they are lying. Even I, who basically preaches self-love and personal upbringing, without a doubt know that being lonely is the worst way to feel.

For one, I embrace darkness, I find that negative feelings help bring light. There is a difference, on one end you can deeply feel everything and react in a negative way, or let that feeling soak in and make room for something better. There needs to be a balance, a balance  where the negativeness and positiveness does not exist, it just all collides into mutual understandings because there’s many sides to everything.

The other morning I had a long talk with my father and what he said to me I will never forget, “People are like seeds, they go through life hoping to be watered. Many are disappointed because they are left lonely and dry, but you can’t give up, there is someone out there that will make that feeling go away. You will be watered, you will grow, and flourish, and find that your patience was worth the sorrow”. I tried my best to make the most sense of this and all I got was that I can’t let the loneliness get the best of me, and neither should anyone else.

It’s a feeling that eats you, devours every hope and dream you may have had. The worst part is that no one ever feels lonely until they have already been in good company once and now their soul craves that warmth again. It is hard, especially when you are as selective of people as you are selective about what you wear. Not intending that that’s the way people choose their friends but there is a similarity. You don’t want to be around someone that doesn’t compliment you as a person, likewise with what you wear. You wear what best suits you.

I find it ironic that loneliness can still be felt around a group of people, you remain in that homesick feeling. Home being with the one you feel as ease with, who you feel most comfortable around. It just hits you when you least expect it, taking a shower, drinking coffee, watching a movie, and laying in bed thinking all of this would be so much better if I had someone to joke about this with.

As much as people nowadays try to play it off and want to seem superior, they feel these things too. Everyone does, and we all forget that. I remind myself this when a stranger randomly speaks to me, they need an ear, someone to hear them and I do not mind lending that to them. If it means saving them from this horrible feeling for a couple minutes, I’ll give them that. This should not just apply to strangers, it applies to everyone, your family, friends, pets.

I came to the conclusion that this sickness(loneliness) can be cured with compassion. Be someone’s home, and they will be yours in return. It’s programmed in most people to give and receive and what better way to give compassion and receive it back. Continue to be selective, but do not be hard. Being hard will only result in your own weakness, that’s when you become wise about your choices. You begin to take part in activities and be around people you genuinely make you feel welcome, and there is no better feeling.