Uncertainty Among Myself

by mujerapasionada

Simple things that make you rethink your whole purpose and collisions you never even imagined possible tend to come at the most unexpected times. The times you even thought “things just can’t get any worse”. But, this is not worse, the only negative feeling is that of not knowing the outcome of this circumstance.

In one end, you are sure, so sure of everything and how things will pan out. On the other end there is a scared child, shivering in nervousness, unwilling to find the right direction.

People should not possess the ability to change your mood, it is such an inconvenience. One second you are singing love songs and the next you are boiling in anger, wondering what is going on. Either way, this shit is fucking natural. I cannot begin to measure the amount of times you have underestimated your feelings because you thought it may have been wrong to feel that way.

When you feel a certain way, you should address it appropriately and leave that sugar coated bullshit for the kids who don’t know what’s going on yet. If you are angry, explain why, if you are sad, explain why, and if you are content, explain why.

But if it so happens that the person you need/want to explain this to doesn’t give a shit, write it down, breathe, and move on. There is no point in wasting your time on people who don’t care. You cannot force someone to care, don’t bother finding the flame when you are under water.

When two people dance, you are in agreement to move accordingly to the partner, you flow and keep rhythm between each other. If you are not dancing with your significant other, someone else will, or perhaps you will find one with a better rhythm. Are you dancing alone? Or is your partner simply too shy?