by mujerapasionada

A while back I had a friend ask me for advice. Clearly she didn’t know what she was doing because I am the last person anyone needs advice from, honestly. Anyway, the first thing I told her was “breathe” and she looked at me a bit confused and said that she was already breathing. I told her “No, you have to breathe with feeling, you let in the things that make you feel whole and let out of the ones that don’t”.

It took a while until she understood this. After a while went by she came back to me and thanked me. Never have I heard a more sincere thank you in my life, it was as though her life depended on those simple words.

Months went by until that same friend came back around and said, “I can breathe fine, but I am still not happy”. I tried to explain that one cannot always be happy, happy is only an emotion that is felt in a situation or day; but one cannot continuously be happy. Of course, that is my theory and not everyone can agree with it.

It is clear that humans are made to have all different kinds of emotions depending on situations they react to. For example, you’re on a date with someone you find attractive and nice, you feel content. Vice versa, someone cancels plans on you, you get upset. It is all reactions to situations and the sooner people figure that out, the better.

Back to that friend of mine, so I told her that if she doesn’t feel the way she has hoped to it is because she is not breathing correctly. The whole purpose of the breathing is to only let in the desired emotions and let out the toxic ones. She left.

“I think I am okay now, I feel comfortable in my own body now”, she tells me. I assure her that comfort is the  next thing to happiness, and usually that is what people achieve when they say they want to “be happy”.

It is nice to feel comfortable all the time, but that will end up boring most people, such as myself, and that friend of mine (who is actually me) yes, I just implied that I am my own friend to get a point across.

So, it all comes down to this, you can not ever settle for being comfortable for too long, you have to challenge yourself. Step away from that comfort zone and reach for other things that may benefit that comfortable feeling. Which leads to the advice I give myself after I have achieved a personal goal “never be satisfied”. I mean this in the most innocent way, I mean it in a personal way, don’t be satisfied with where you are at the moment (do let it sink in though), the only way to better yourself is to continue moving, no matter which way it is; forward, backward, sideways, who cares.

There is no correct way for someone to live their life, only for someone to be continuously comfortable with it.