Right, Wrong, Good, and Bad.

by mujerapasionada

The thought of human behavior and popular opinion clash at almost every turn. No one can say or do something without the intent falling out of place. In other words, someone always has to be right, to prove someone wrong, and to reveal whether this other person is good or bad.

One thing is always certain, all humans die, unless you’re a vampire or some shit. But regardless, nothing will live forever, at some point all that we know and that knows us will cease to exist.

No matter what you do or say, you will go out the same way. Meaning, you can be/do anything in your life and you will cease to be as will the next person.

The only thing we differ from others is how we deal with our situations. This is where one cannot be good or bad. When making a decision you go through a process of self gratification, you will act based upon what will make you feel better. To others you will seem “good” if you  attend to your situation the way an average person may (or what society promotes to being the right way). And in the same way, you will appear “bad” if you attend the situation in a very drastic and unappealing way (drugs, isolation, suicide, etc.)

I do not mean people don’t make mistakes, because we are only human. We will end up making a decision from time to time that affects us in a way that was not planned and turn out hurting yourself and even others.

When considering anything, it almost always immediately applies to yourself before anything. Therefore the only opinion that should matter is one’s own.

I am actually just trying to say the most cliché thing that has ever been said “DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY”. That is it, that is my awesome conclusion. Mostly because I feel like we tend to forget that, including myself.

I can’t count how many times others have perceived me as being some evil person when in all reality I was just dealing with my own. And sometimes, I would unintentionally hurt someone and you know what? I can not physically/mentally/verbally do anything to make that person better if I wanted to, that pain is to be dealt with on their own. That will lead to their decisions and so forth, making this huge chain reaction that had initially started at one person.

So, when it comes to yourself, you are the only one to dictate and voice what will happen and act upon it based on your personal opinion.

If you were to apply this to any world issue, everyone always chooses a side, you can’t call someone out on their opinion because if they did that to you– you would be offended and no one likes being offended. That is why there are so many political debates today, because someone’s views are always “wrong” to another and there is almost never a clear understanding between humans without having someone offended.

This is also to promote the cliché act of “PUTTING YOURSELF IN OTHER PEOPLE’S SHOES”, because there is no better understanding than the view through first person, and if you feel like leaving someone or a situation will benefit yourself and the other person in the long run, then do so. Do not hold on to what does not want to be held.

But then again, this is all my personal opinion, do what you please with it, I am only voicing my opinion to no specific person but myself.